1More Triple Driver BT

For sheer high fidelity, comfort, ease of use and overall design, look no further than this cracking pair of Bluetooth buds from US company 1More. As the moniker suggests, these in-ears are fitted with triple drivers (two balanced armatures and a separate dynamic driver) for warm, detailed highs, punchy mid range and deep, resonant lows. Whether it’s the heavy sub-bass of Coldplay’s ‘Midnight’, the deep and breathy floor tom on Robbie Robertson’s ‘Somewhere Down the Crazy River’ or the overall vibrance of Diana Krall’s schmaltzy ‘Temptation’, these ear buds deliver in spades and with zero distortion. In fact, of all the models on test, these are the ones that impressed the most.


The 1More neckband’s control panel is superbly designed with clear left and right labelling and easy-to-feel buttons for track pausing, skipping and volume adjustments. If your phone rings, tap a button and the track will automatically pause and engage the built-in Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) system so ambient noises are filtered out of the conversation. When you hang up, the music automatically resumes. A one hour charge provides around seven hours of non-stop music or talk time and, as is often the norm with Bluetooth models, you’re forewarned with a voice message when the battery starts to deplete.


Given that we all have different sized ear canals, it’s very reassuring to note that this model comes with a full smorgasbord of nine different sized earbuds (three foam and six rubber). It also comes with a draw string bag to store it all in. If you prefer a warmer tone with deep but tight bass, excellent overall balance and a wide soundstage, then these are the buds for you.

£130, Amazon