Acoustic Energy Aego3 & Aego Sound3ar

Cirencester-based speaker manufacturer Acoustic Energy is a top player in audiophile land and has been for many years. Aside from its wide range of high quality hi-fi speakers, the company is also justly famous for its excellent Aego mini desktop speaker system. The original AegoM model was comprised of two very small but significantly weighty satellite speakers and a foot-tall subwoofer for extra oomph. It became the benchmark system that other manufacturers aspired to better but rarely did.


Well here’s the latest version and it’s every bit as complete a package. The new satellites have been completely redesigned and are a few millimetres bigger yet still small enough to sit either side of a laptop or desktop PC. The subwoofer, meanwhile, has been given a complete overhaul and now includes Bluetooth connectivity and a digital connection along with a standard mini jack auxiliary input. The whole system is now also controlled via a little remote that not only allows for volume adjustment but also four levels of bass response from the subwoofer.


Sound quality is exceptional for such a compact system and boy does it go loud! The top end is crisp and clear and pretty damn hi-fi like; there also seems to be more mid range in the overall balance. As before, bass response is excellent and we love the way you can instantly adjust its power to match the general volume level or style of music being played. The soundstage, too, is nice and wide and can be easily increased by placing the satellites further apart. Thankfully there aren’t too many cables to deal with either: it requires just one input cable, a mains lead and two phono-to-phono cables for the satellites.


Acoustic Energy has also produced a separate sound-bar version that retains the subwoofer but replaces the satellites with a 500mm-wide soundbar that is absolutely perfect for TVs with crap sound quality. It’s also a perfect fit for placing in front of an Apple iMac. The Aego Sound3ar retails at the same price as its satellite-based stablemate.


If you’re thinking of replacing your tinny desktop or laptop speaker with something more substantial that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg, then step right this way. These little Aego packages rock on all fronts.