The AirSelfie is a really small (7.4 x 94.5 x10.6mm) pocket-sized, aluminium UAV designed almost exclusively for taking selfies. It comes with its own specially-adapted iPhone/Android case and features a mini smorgasbord of flight-stability tech, four enclosed turbo-fan propellers and a dinky little front-facing 5mp camera pitched down at an angle of 7˚.


To fly, launch the accompanying free app, hold the AirSelfie in the hand, wait for the props to start and throw it in the air. The drone will stay in a pretty stable hover until you either add more vertical lift by holding a virtual button on the app or move it laterally by tilting the phone. It can fly a safe distance of up to 20 metres using its self-generated wi-fi. But it only flies for three minutes on a single, albeit, quick charge.


The AirSelfie takes very decent images and even 1080p video (though we haven’t seen any video evidence yet). Image files are saved to a built-in 4GB MicroSD card and wi-fi synced, when necessary, to your phone’s photo library.


So, next time you feel that sudden unquenchable urge to grab a selfie (as you do), forget the old phone-on-a-stick trick and plump for one of these.