ARLO Pro 2
Arlo Pro 2

Despite the high price, this camera-based system is exceptional and comes with a 100dB siren-cum-base station so excruciatingly loud we were expecting to receive complaints from another county (thankfully you can adjust the siren’s volume to suit your needs).


In the pantheon of security camera systems, the Netgear Arlo Pro 2 is a game changer. The system we received came with two cameras capable of both mains or battery operation and a base station-cum-siren. A battery-powered security system like this has many advantages, most notably the wherewithal to site the cameras pretty much anywhere (even outside) or move a camera to a completely different location whenever the need arises.


Unlike other security camera products that stream live video continuously, Arlo spends most of its time in stand-by mode awaiting a movement to trigger a recording – which is saved to Arlo’s free seven-day Cloud storage – or the alarm or both. This ‘sleeping’ method massively saves on battery usage and goes a long way to ensuring that the batteries hold their charge for several weeks at a time. Rather cleverly, as soon as you tap the play button on the Arlo smartphone app (Android and iOS) or the Arlo web browser, the camera wakes up allowing full live streaming just like any other camera system. If, however, you plug it into the mains, the camera will stay on all the time and record all events for as long as they occur. It will also allow you to set detection zones so pets don’t set off a whole bunch of notifications or, worse, the siren. Not sure why detection zones don’t work when the camera is in battery mode but hopefully Netgear will address the issue in a future firmware update.


The weather proof cameras are beautifully designed and small enough to blend in with their surroundings. They offer very sharp 1080p streaming with pinch zoom facilities, automatic night vision and a nice wide 110˚ field of view. Given Netgear’s excellence in the field of wi-fi, setup was an absolute breeze and the system has remained rock solid ever since installation. 


If you’re after a practical security camera system with an extremely loud siren facility and have the financial wherewithal, then the Arlo Pro 2 is the bee’s knees. Indeed, it has already delivered the goods for this writer by recording the antics of a couple of scooter thieves in front of my property. Gotcha!