Audioengine A2+

These little standard-shaped speakers produce a tight, punchy sound with oodles of ‘in your face’ mid-range presence but not as much outright detail as their immediate competitor, the iLouds. They excel when introduced to recordings with sparse instrumentation and they are among the very best at vocal reproduction. However, some complex music productions can sound a wee bit hollow and cluttered, and bass response, while perfectly acceptable, isn’t on par with the iLoud. Nevertheless, we’d still consider the Audioengine A2+ as a worthy and very closely matched runner up in this contest.


Connectivity wise, the A2+ can be paired using Bluetooth or a choice of cables: USB (which utilises the A2+ own digital-to-analogue converter), a 3.5mm mini jack or a stereo RCA (phono) cable. As is the case with most amped speakers, the left unit is considered the ‘master’, so that’s the one that’s fitted with all the controls and connections; the right handed speaker simply serves as a slave. Available in three finishes (red, black and white), the quality of sound this multi award-winning speaker package delivered far exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended.

£194, Amazon