away, bigger, carry-on,case,smart,charger,phone,tablet,device,compression,airline,cabin,bag
away, kids, kid, child,size, case,smart,charger,phone,tablet,device,compression,airline,cabin,bag,
Away Bigger Carry-On
away, bigger, carry-on,case,smart,charger,phone,tablet,device,compression,airline,cabin,bag

If you’re after an attractive and extremely tough cabin case with device charging facilities and a superb compression packing system, look no further than the highly-rated Away Bigger Carry-On. A slightly smaller carry-on model is also available but, at 57.5 x 37 x 24cm, this version allows you to pack in enough gear for up to seven days of travel and, amazingly, it fits all international airline’s carry-on sizing boxes which, according to Away, are a little larger than the official measurement requirements suggest. This means you can feasibly get away with bringing a larger cabin case to the airport without anyone batting an eyelid. But don't take our word for it.

The Away’s small internal battery provides enough juice for up to five iPhone charges or a single iPad and can be very easily removed if required. The case itself is available in 12 lovely colours and made from hard, scuff-free Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate that'll withstand even the most robust treatment. You’ll be amazed how much stuff you can pack into this case, especially if using the compression system to its full potential. Away also produces a pair of check-in cases (without charger) and an unequivocally cute Kids Carry-On (pictured above), all with lifetime warranties. Top buy.