When it comes to the annual sweep up and collection of fallen leaves, I’m the one usually tasked with the duty. It’s not a job I’m that enamoured of, if I were to be brutally honest. But since strapping on this brand new mains-powered B&D, I’m wondering how I ever managed without it.


Now, instead of breaking my back using a stupidly inadequate broom, rake, dustpan and brush, I go around blasting everything asunder and when I’ve finally managed to coax the leaves into a pile of sorts, I remove the blow tube, add the suction fitting, pop the suction tube on, attach the brilliant 50-litre collection backpack and watch the leaves disappear up the tube where they’re mulched into little bits and deposited into the bag for easy disposal.


This thing is supremely efficient – and noisy – which is hardly surprising given that its wind speed is allegedly a phenomenal 260mph (418kph). Thankfully its air speed is adjustable via a little knob just below the handle.


It sucks exceedingly well too, and is faster at collecting leaves than the Bosch and Stihl. It’s also well balanced and easy to hold, especially when used with the included shoulder strap. The rake attachment for the vacuum tube is a nice touch since it makes the collection of insubordinate leaves a wee bit easier.


Keenly priced, well specced and easy to use, this model is pretty much all you need for efficient autumnal garden clearance. Top buy.

£110, blackanddecker.co.uk

Black & Decker 3000W Leaf Blower with Backpack
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