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Bo Vape
bo, vape, one, bo+, vaporiser,vaporizer,vapouriser,bat,british,american,tobacco,smoke,best, review, new, latest

Designed in France, this ultra stylish vape pen is one of the most elegant models on the market and one of the easiest to use. This vaporiser doesn’t have any buttons to press; in fact, it doesn’t even have an on/off button. Simply press in a pre-filled, colour-coded cartridge (called a Bo Cap), put your lips around the mouthpiece and suck like a limpet.


Against all odds, the Bo produces a satisfyingly large volume of lovely smooth vapour. Indeed, it’s already become this writer’s go-to vaporiser because I just love the fact I can change flavours instantly and there’s no sticky e-liquid to fiddle. Better still, there’s no leaking – a ridiculous anomaly that taints the majority of refillable vaporisers. And because the cartomiser – the bit that heats up the liquid – is built into each throw-away capsule, there’s never the need to screw in a new one. It’s win win situation all the way.


The Bo Vape system comes in two configurations: the Bo One and the Bo+. The One is a slim stick of a thing (10cm x 1.5cm) that’s perfect for a few hours of vaping. It’s smooth Nextel coating feels lush in the hand and for an extra £40 you can purchase the pocket-sized, leather clad charging station.; simply pop the Bo into the slot for a quick battery boost. The Bo+ is the same height and a centimetre wider and its battery lasts for quite a bit longer. It comes with a nice leather holster, too.


Bo produces some great e-liquids too in both 8mg and 16mg nicotine configurations at £5.99 for three capsules. I’ve tested quite a few flavours and my two favourites are: Classique Tobacco RY4 (a smooth tobacco taste with a hint of caramel) and Orange Light (a delicious pear flavour with a very faint hint of mint). UK buys should consider purchasing from Electric Tobacconist for quick delivery and great prices.


If you’re looking for something extremely discreet that screams style, then make this gorgeous Gallic duo your first port of call.

Kits from £28,