Bosch, AXT 25 TC, garden, shredder

Bosch shredders dominate the garden market and for good reason – they’re very well built, efficient and generally reliable. Rather like some masticating juicers, this quiet, electric-powered 2,500 watt turbine model uses a bladed drum that spins relatively slowly under massive torque, trapping, crushing and cutting branches up to 45mm in diameter against a solid plate.


This model handles both wood and leafy material as so amply demonstrated when we fed it half a fig tree, green fruit and all. It chopped and crushed the whole thing into tiny pieces and deposited them into the box below ready for easy disposal in the garden bin or compost heap (some shredding aficionados will even spread the remains over flowerbeds since they’re packed full of nutrients).


Rather considerately of Bosch, this heavyweight model comes ready-built with the wheels already attached so all you need to do is clip in the top hopper, ensure the 53-litre collection box is properly engaged, switch it on and shred. The top of the chute has a wider access than others in this roundup and that makes it generally easier to stuff in branches of a more unwieldy nature; the included tamper helps release mutinous vegetation. Granted, it’s a very top-heavy beast and quite tricky to move around the garden – the wheels aren’t really wide enough apart – but at least it splits in two for easier storage.


If you have a mixture of both woody and leafy materials then this model is your best bet. Despite the higher price, it’s extremely effective, easy to use and quiet enough to not disturb the neighbourhood.


Bosch AXT 25 TC garden shredder