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You probably won’t find a better-equipped pocket selfie drone at this size and price. Like the Dobby and to some degree the Spark, this one is classified as a selfie drone: it’s operated using an iOS or Android device, with a Wi-Fi range of 20 metres from the operator. 


The C-Me may be made out of cheap plastic but it flies extremely well and is relatively easy to control using virtual controls on the smartphone. The onboard GPS, meanwhile, prevents it from drifting and allows it to follow your movements and return to home with a single tap of the screen.


The 8-megapixel camera needs to be angled before take off but it takes very decent snaps and the 1080p video quality isn’t too bad either. However, because the camera doesn’t have an image stabiliser, any movement by the drone is transferred to the video. So, if you wish to take video shots of, say, the beach you’re sitting on or some amazing natural feature, then make sure the drone is hovering in one spot before hitting the record button on your phone.


The C-Me is available in four colours and is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a selfie drone that’s easy to fly and cheap to buy.