Blimey, Creative is really on a roll right now. The pocket-sized Muvo 2c has already blown us away with its sound quality, deep bass and excellent list of features. Well here’s a bigger stablemate that impresses us possibly even more. The Bluetooth-equipped iRoar Go’s nearest competitor is probably the slightly smaller Bose Soundlink Mini. But you know what, we think this one is a mite better. It certainly has more features and it’s splash proof, to boot.


Let’s start with the sound. There’s a button on top marked ‘Roar’. We advise you select it because, unlike most spatial settings which sound fake, this one turns a decent enough sounding speaker into a deep, bottom-bellied stonker. Really, the ordinary mode sounds a trifle thin while the Roar mode makes everything sing without sounding like it’s been put through a zillion effects. Bass is plentiful, treble is crisp and clear without ever sounding harsh and it goes loud enough to easily fill a large room. We tried it outdoors and couldn’t believe such a big, bold sound could come from something so small.


We love the extra features, too. Like the Muvo 2c, this one also comes with a slot for a MicroSD card. Put your favourite tunes on the card (MP3 or FLAC), slap it in and you’ll have hundreds if not thousands of songs at your fingertips without the need of a phone. You can even track skip and play songs randomly. Naturally, this speaker is Bluetooth equipped, too, should you prefer to stream your favourite Spotify playlist from a phone of tablet. You can even use it as a public address system and select tracks using the compatible Creative Sound Blaster Connect app.


In the pantheon of travel speakers, this one nails all the criteria: it’s small and light enough for hand baggage (it measures just 54 x 192 x 97mm); it punches way beyond its weight; it comes with a plethora of features and it’s very, very reasonably priced. A Best Buy is assured.


Creative iRoar Go