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De Waard De Bergeend

The Dutch love camping and are among the most popular of nationalities at French campsites. They also almost always have the best tents on the campsite – gorgeous  old-style, cotton canvas creations that are so taught they look like they’re built from solid clay. De Waard is arguably the most prestigious of Dutch tent manufacturers and the first port of call for anyone serious enough about camping to fork out a small fortune on their living space. The De Bergeend is a case in point.


This classic tunnel-style family model is just the ticket for two adults and a pair of kids in tow. However, you will need a very large car to accommodate the package because it’s big and heavy (the tent weighs 21.5 kilos and the poles weigh 22.5 kilos). Not surprisingly, most Dutch campers usually transport their De Waards in a trailer towed behind by the car.


Once erected – and it requires at least two people – the De Bergeend is a stunner from every angle, both inside and out. Attention to detail, too, is second to none. The inner tent is 3m wide and 2.5m deep and it’s material creates an insulating effect against hot weather. The outer tent is made from a mix of cotton and polyester ripstop and it’s the weight and thickness of this fabric that gives De Waard tents such rigidity. De Waard tents are extremely expensive and tricky to transport but turn up at the campsite with one and you can be sure it’ll turn a lot of heads.