DJI's new Mavic is simply amazing and just what every UAV fan has been yearning for: a lightweight, portable drone that folds into a package the size of a milk carton, flies for 27 minutes for up to 8 miles away, avoids obstacles, shoots lush 4K footage from a stabilised, auto-focus camera no larger than a thimble, and then lands automatically in the exact same spot it took off from.


The Mavic is much smaller and quieter than its Phantom 4 stablemate and yet its video quality is about the same; in fact, it’s marginally better at shooting in low light conditions. What’s more, you can fly it via WiFi using just a smartphone (iOS and Android) or, for massive distance and even better control, DJI’s new pocket-sized controller with integrated smartphone holder. But that’s not all… Gesture control allows you to take selfies and make the Mavic follow you simply by waving arms in the air and making strange shapes with your hands. Right now this is the Holy Grail of consumer droning: it’s small enough for a hip bag, shoots amazing 4K video and flies superbly. What’s not to like?


DJI, mavic, drone, portable, camera, 4k, uav, review
DJI Mavic
DJI, mavic, drone, portable, camera, 4k, uav, review
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