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Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Force

If you’re in the market for a premium-build gas barbecue that’s superbly designed and sturdy as a steam engine, then consider this exemplary minimalist model designed by food sorcerer, Heston Blumenthal. The two-burner Force is constructed almost entirely out of rust-free die-cast aluminium, an excellent heat conducting metal. At several millimetres in depth, the beautifully crafted hood – replete with temperature gauge – provides superior convection, but it’s the precise way in which it closes against the main aluminium frame that really screams quality. The same high level of engineering extends to the rugged fold-out shelf and the four strapping legs (two fitted with castors) which can be removed for easier transportation. To put it bluntly, this barbecue is a stunner whichever way you look at it.


The Force is available in four subtle colours and comes equipped with two enamel-coated cast iron plates that amount to 2,358m2 of cooking area – more than enough space for a party of six. In order to prevent flare ups and clogging of the burners from dripping fats, the plates themselves feature solid sections that sit just above the two heavy-duty burners (other manufacturers cover the burners with thin shields).


This barbecue heats up to 350˚C in about three minutes and is capable of reaching higher temperatures than many of its competitors, making it the perfect model for searing steaks. Its convection system – aided by a cutaway air intake at the rear – is also suitable for slow roasting. Crucially, we found no cool spots on the grill and, as a result, everything cooked to succulent perfection without us having to move ingredients around. The two slender steel gas controllers, meanwhile, provided a level of precision rarely seen in a barbecue.


Heston and the rest of the Everdure design team have clearly looked closely at the opposition and created a gas barbecue that not only addresses common issues but looks the business and isn’t too expensive when compared against other high-end models. Our test model arrived ready built so we can’t tell you how difficult it is to assemble though we have been told it arrives 95% assembled. Given that there are no side burners involved we suspect it’s a doddle.

£599, everdurebyheston.co.uk