Greenworks GD60LM46SP.png
Greenworks GD60LM46SP Self Propelled

Although appearance isn’t a reason to choose a lawnmower, Greenworks models always look a bit more appealing than the rest. Well, here’s a new model that screams ‘buy me’, and for more reasons than just the way it looks, which is frankly fantastic.


Aside from boasting a super durable long-life 46cm steel cutting deck that’s perfect for up to half an acre and possibly more, this exceedingly powerful Greenworks model is also equipped with variable-speed self propulsion, a long-life brushless motor, two 60v batteries, a charger, a mulching plug and side chute, and a 55-litre fabric grass collector. That’s a lot of gear for your wonga.


If you really hate pushing a mower up and down, then do yourself a favour and splash out on this model because it rocks on all fronts. The self propulsion speed is adjusted using a rocker throttle with two little icons on either side – a snail for a slow comfortable walking pace and a hare for what can only be described as a brisk march. In our test, it cut a swathe with effortless precision, never once bogging down, even when it hit a stretch of tall grass. The included mulching plug and clip-on side chute can be considered an extra bonus.


The Greenworks’ seven cutting heights (from 25mm to 80mm) are effortless to adjust using the large lever on its right and its two-way folding handlebar system is very well designed and capable of being used at three different height positions, including one low enough for someone under five feet tall. Having two batteries is another major plus that should provide up to 120 minutes of continuous mowing when using the slowest self-propulsion setting. Despite its size and weight (28kgs), it’s surprisingly easy to store without taking up too much space – simply fold up the handlebar assembly and store it in an upright position.


If you have a lawn in excess of 250 square metres and positively loathe mowing it, then this cool-looking, great value lawn barber could be just the ticket to get you off your arse and onto the turf.

£399, Mowers Online