Gtech Falcon

This home-grown cordless mower is a veritable looker. It’s superbly built from heavy-duty plastics and comes equipped with a rigid collapsible aluminium handle, a cool gear lever-style cutting height adjuster, a large 40-litre mesh grass collector and a 36-volt Li-ion battery that powers the mower’s 43cm blade for up to 40 minutes (or 300m2) on a single five-hour charge. Granted, five hours is a long time to charge a battery given that most other cordless mower batteries manage to do it in around an hour, but then again, that extra 10 minutes of mowing time could just be the difference between a completely manicured sward and a half eaten one.


At a shade under 17kgs, the Gtech Falcon is quite a weighty thing but we found its extra large wheels made it really easy to push around. Crucially, it cut the grass remarkably well and left no unsightly clumps in its wake. Yes, the powerful motor is noisier than some of its competitors but it never bogged down in even the longest turf. Putting it to bed was an equally simple process – just push the handle down, unlatch it and swivel it over to the front. Electric and cordless mower design has come on in leaps and bounds but few hold a candle to this keenly-priced and extremely well built cracker.


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