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Hedon Epicurist

Our hunt for the perfect open face scooter and cruiser helmet stops right here. Hedon is a London-based helmet company that specialises in the design and manufacture of trendsetting open-faced helmets that scream style and quality. The beguiling teal-coloured Epicurist model on test is an absolute stunner in every respect. Impeccable attention to detail is evident throughout, even down to the packaging. The shell itself is handcrafted from composite fiberglass and carbon fibre and sized according to the actual helmet size so you don’t get a shell that looks too big and bulbous for your body size; other manufacturers simply take one of just a small handful of differently sized pre-cast shells and pad out the interior to fit the individual’s head dimensions. The shell is then hand polished to an immaculate sheen, painted in a multitude of gorgeous colours (17 in all) and finished with top-quality brass hardware. Seriously, we can’t overemphasise just how amazing the finish is on these helmets. There is nothing else like them on the market.


Inside it’s an equally striking scene of excuisite craftsmanship: a combination of supple calf leather and Merlin anti-bacterial fabric that feels amazingly soft and supremely comfortable against the skin and around the head. This helmet really does fit like the proverbial glove. Just be sure your head circumference has been measured correctly (we’d advise getting someone else to do it for you or you might under/overestimate your dimensions). The Epicurist is also one of the quietest helmets we’ve ever worn. Not dangerously so (you can still hear traffic around you) but so much quieter than the majority of other open face brands. It’s extremely light, too.


Don’t for a minute think this helmet is all form over function. Far from it. All Hedon helmets are ECE 22.05 certified for safety so rest assured your bonce will be well protected in the event of a mishap. The Epicurist comes with a swivelled visor that is easy to raise and lower on the move. It’s quite a breezy visor, mind, so winter riding could be a bit chilly on the face. However, come summer you’ll appreciate that extra ventilation.


Hedon helmets are designed with the classic biker or scooterist in mind. Understandably, it will almost certainly look out of place on a blinged-up Kawasaki Ninja. But straddle your Harley or Vespa with this on your melon and you’ll feel like you’ve arrived before you’ve even fired up the cylinders. Hedon motorcycle helmets come in five different sizes (XS to XL) and two distinct designs: The Hedonist, which is reminiscent of the classic studded Bell helmet; and the Epicurist on review here. We admit, we’re indisputably smitten.

£349, hedon.com