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Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

What a literal blast this thing is. The new K4 Home brings tarnished and slippery pathways and patios back to life in a thrice. Granted, pressure washers are cumbersome beasts that need a power outlet nearby and access to a garden hose, but while you could spend hours scrubbing down an algae covered pathway and get absolutely nowhere while nursing an aching back in the process, the K4 Home does the job in minutes. Just hold the variable power nozzle near the stonework and watch in amazement as a spotlessly clean line appears. Or fit the circular patio cleaning doobrie and let its spinning jets to the business. It even comes with a plug-in detergent dispenser for keeping mould at bay. The K4 also accepts a multitude of other accessories, most notably a handy car brush. Use this in view of your neighbours and you can be sure they’ll be knocking on the door for a quick lend.