Don’t use up all that valuable luggage space on a pile of dog-eared door-stoppers. Instead, pack the new slim-line Kindle Oasis e-reader and marvel at its glare-free, backlit touch screen, feather-like weight and wherewithal to store more novels than the average public library. The Oasis is 20% lighter and 30% thinner than its stablemates and its screen – now fitted with a new tapered handgrip for easy one-handed reading – is 5mm wider. Naturally, it also comes with all the usual Kindle features like adjustable fonts, dictionary definitions, Wikipedia information and instant access to all your library purchases. The Oasis is designed to be used with its own gatefold charging case (available separately). With the case you can expect a few months of charge-free reading. Without the case it’ll run for a few days before requiring a top-up. Best Kindle to date.