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This stupendously bright 1,000-lumen pocket model ticks every box and then some. Most contemporary LED flashlights come with a variety of flashing modes that get in the way of everyday use. By contrast, this one defaults to the function that matters most: beam strength. Turn it on and each tap of the robust thumb button makes the beam gradually soften from ultra bright to dim – a really classy touch that suggests a lot of thought went into its design. However, because the torch is customizable, users can easily reverse the process so that the torch starts on a low beam instead. There’s a strobe function, too, but, given that it’ll hardly ever be used, it’s hidden away under a different custom mode.


However the best thing about this flashlight is that it comes with a multiple focus beam that’s easily adjusted by sliding the front barrel forwards or backwards. This means you can opt for a super wide soft-focus beam for general see-where-you’re-going use, a sharp outrageously bright beam for highlighting distant subjects up to 180 metres away and anything in between.


The splash-proof MT10 measures just 12.8cm in length and uses a single Xtreme LED that burns for a gobsmacking six hours on full beam and an even more impressive 144 hours on low beam. To charge, just plug it into the nearest USB 3.0 power source; it even comes with a useful battery indicator.


Although this flashlight will easily fit inside a small jacket pocket, the good eggs at Ledlenser have seen fit to include a natty integrated belt clip and even a separate nylon hip case. If you’re looking for a torch with superb versatility then be sure to place this matchless model right at the top of your list.

£90, ledlenser-store.co.uk

Ledlenser MT10