Magimix Patissier Multifunction

If you want to go beyond just bread and cake baking, consider this pricy but hugely efficient stand mixer-cum-food processor from Magimix. The Pattisier is available in black, silver, red, creme and pink and pretty much covers all baking and food preparation eventualities, whether it’s kneading dough, whipping cream, whisking eggs, slicing, dicing and grating vegetation or chopping nuts. It’s even capable of making smoothies and fresh juices. The Patissier is comprised of a heavy-duty main unit replete with a whopping 1,500-watt motor (guaranteed for 30 years – that’s not a misprint) and a plethora of accessories too long to list here but including a 4.9-litre stainless steel bowl, three extra plastic bowls and a whole bunch of cutting and slicing implements.

The main unit is easy enough to use as it has just three big buttons – stop, auto and pulse – but you can be sure your head will be buried in the substantially comprehensive manual for quite some time, if only to work out which accessory is best for the task in hand. If you have the financial wherewithal and the space to store it all, you won’t be disappointed with this machine’s performance since it excels at almost any job you throw at it.