Got a damp abode? This British family-run company makes both compressor and desiccant dehumidifiers and this is its award-winning flagship compressor model. It’s not the prettiest of appliances, granted, but the stats certainly impress. It’s a DC inverter model for a start and that means exceptionally low running costs. In fact, Maeco says that the more you make it work, the more water it collects and, bizarrely, the less electricity it will use. WTF?


This thing isn’t just for dealing with day-to-day damp issues either since it will also dry your clothes, perhaps not as quickly as a tumble dryer but almost certainly for a lot less wonga.


Despite its size (64cm x 38 x 29), it’s a genuine all-rounder, too, since you can site it pretty much anywhere in the home (it’s suitable for a five-bedroom house), including the garage, the cellar, the bathroom and the laundry room. It’s even suitable for use in museums, apparently.


The Meaco has four main operating modes: Humidistat lets you choose your target humidity between 30 and 80%rh (relative humidity); Laundry makes use of the 280m³/hour fan speed to dry clothes; Quiet turns off the beeper and lowers the fan speed; and Auto mode regulates the compressor and fan speed to retain an ideal balance of 50% humidity. It even has a built-in ionizer to help clean the air.


As with all dehumidifiers, the 20L’s extraction rate varies depending on the temperature and humidity in the room but, to use an extreme example, at a rather stifling 30˚C and 80% humidity it will absorb 20 litres in a 24-hour period. That’s a lot of water extracted from seemingly nowhere. Don’t worry about it overflowing either since it will switch off when the float in the five-litre water tank hits the top.


Meaco is one of the most awarded brands on the market and the staff know their stuff, so you’re advised to click on the company website’s ‘chat’ link before purchasing if only to be sure you’re buying the correct model for your damp needs.


Meaco 20L Ultra Low Energy Dehumidifier