MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator

This newly-launched, DC motor-powered air blower blasts straight to Best Buy status and for several reasons, not least the exceptional price. Firstly, it’s exceedingly energy efficient (between 9.5 and 23.5 watts depending on the speed) and that’s a good thing given that it will feasibly stay on for most of the day. It also comes with a high level of controllability that extends way beyond the norm. Its oscillation control, for instance, allows you to set either horizontal or vertical oscillation, or both. This means it’s capable of distributing air to every corner of the room, creating a bouncing effect that is far more efficient than simple side-to-side oscillation. At full pelt, the MeacoFan shifts 1056 cubic metres per hour – enough to really feel a very substantial wind from ten feet away. It also features a timer and an Eco mode that uses a built-in thermostat to monitor the temperature and adjust the fan speed accordingly. The included magnetic remote control can be considered a bonus for those who like tweaking without leaving the sofa.


So what’s it like to use? In a word, amazing. To start with, it’s actually quite mesmerising to watch as it spins on its axis like a cute alien robot scouring the universe for a signal from home. The first five fan speeds are easily quiet enough for use in a bedroom overnight and even at full bore, the frequency of its tone is low enough not to interfere with a room’s ambience; unlike some models that sound like a jet aircraft at take off, this one is practically inaudible even at full speed. Most of the fans on this page produce a decent blast of circulated air but this one does it especially well and at a price that seems almost too cheap. Oh, and it’s British, too.