Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

Device Squad usually only reviews stuff that runs on mains or a set of batteries – it’s a bloke thing – but we’re bucking the trend with this pair of gloves because they have a great tech angle. Mujjo isn’t the first brand to produce a pair of touchscreen-friendly gloves but it may be the first to offer a whole range. Their all-new Touchscreen pair are made from flexible 3M Thinsulate material so you can bet they’re warm enough for a chilly day out in the pasture – they are! They’re also supremely comfortable and make you look and feel like the Cadbury’s Milk Tray man.


However, it’s the onboard tech built that impresses most because these gloves have been impregnated with a highly conductive substance that completes the connection between finder and touchscreen. And not just the index finger but all five fingers, including the thumb. What’s especially remarkable is that, despite the seemingly bulbous and well-insulated finger tips, it’s possible to select tiny on-screen icons and keyboard letters without making any more mistakes than you would using bare fingers.


We’re very much sold on their functionality – no more ripping off gloves when the phone rings – the quality of the materials, the snug fit and overall design. In fact we now have eyes on Mujjo’s tantalising leather model. Top buy.