This superbly designed and very well engineered charcoal kettle pips the evergreen Weber Mastertouch and for several reasons. Firstly, it has a heavyweight wavy-shaped cast iron grill that can be placed at three different heights. We can’t stress enough how important a feature this is. There are often times when the coals are nearing the end of their life and you still have the kebabs to grill. Or perhaps you’re starting with steaks and you need to sear them at high temperature. Easy, just put on some gloves and lower the grill two stages to an inch or so above the heat.


The Rodeo Pro also has a more accurate lid-mounted thermometer than the Weber, four sturdy legs instead of three and a porcelain-enameled steel lid with offset hinges for fuss-free lifting. Someone at Napoleon clearly knows exactly what a charcoal barbecue should be and this exemplary and extremely robust model is the outstanding result. It’s a great looker, too. Hotly recommended.


Napoleon Rodeo Pro