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The current trend among herbal smokers (including, of course, those who like a bit of THC in their pipe) is towards loose-leaf vaporisers like this elegant and discreet, tech-filled model from PAX. The PAX3 is about four inches tall and less than an inch in width, making it arguably the smallest two-way herbal vaporiser on the market.


Rather uniquely, the PAX3 accommodates both dry herb (like hemp) and concentrate (usually in the form of a wax) so discerning vape aficionados get the best of both worlds. The onboard technology here is pretty impressive, too. The main unit activates as soon as you draw and offers four different heat levels which can be adjusted with the press of a button or, better still, using the accompanying app.


The unit itself comes with all the paraphernalia required, including an alternative mouthpiece, a half-size ‘oven lid’ for smaller loads, a concentrate container, cleaning gear and a magnetic charging cradle. Loose-leaf products like this don’t produce much vapour but herbalists love them because they produce the desired taste and effect without the wiffy fumes.