Philips Azur Elite GC5039/30

Philips takes ironing to new heights with this sensational new model by applying the same groundbreaking OptimalTEMP technology it uses for its award-winning steam generators. You won’t find any temperature setting dials on this amply powerful iron because it doesn’t need any. Instead it cleverly optimises the temperature no matter what you’re ironing, whether it’s heavy denim or fine silk. Indeed, this tech is so bewilderingly brilliant you can even leave the iron facedown on delicate fabrics and it won’t burn or leave any marks. And that means no more scorched chiffon disasters.


The Azure Elite also comes with three different steam modes: DynamiQ, Max and Ionic. DynamiQ uses a motion sensor to detect the iron’s movement and switches the steam off as soon as it comes to a stop. It resumes once the iron is moving again. This saves water in the 350ml tank and reduces the amount of trips to the tap. The Max setting is as it suggests – a full constant blast for flattening heavy creases – while Ionic provides intermittent bursts ‘rich with silver ions for more hygienic ironing’, whatever that means.


Spec-wise, this iron delivers an industry-leading 75g per minute of constant steam and an impressive 260g of steam boost when required. It also comes with a SteamGlide soleplate that glides over fabrics with consummate ease, a doddlesome anti-calc system, a comfy handle and a three-metre cable.


Right now, this is arguably the most streamlined and practical iron on the market but you might need to wait a while because it’s so new it’s not officially on sale yet.