Philips Perfectcare Compact GC7808/40

The simple truth of the matter is that, right now, Philips is producing far and away best irons and steam generators on the market. We’ve already thrown accolades at three other Philips steam generator models in this roundup but – hold your horses – here comes that fourth. And it’s shot straight to the one spot.


This keenly-priced Compact model differs in a few areas from its pricier and higher specced stablemates, but it’s almost as efficient and, in many ways, much more practical for day-to-day ironing duties. Despite being the same size, the hand unit is slightly heavier than the others (1.2kg as opposed to around 0.8kg) but not ungainly so. Also, the non-detachable reservoir holds 1.5-litres of water instead of 1.8-litres and both the continuous steam and boost outputs are somewhat lower but still more than capable enough for the job in hand. Crucially, the whole package is small enough to sit on an average ironing board cradle – something you can’t confidently do with other steam generators.


As is the case with the majority of Philips steam generators and irons, this model also comes with OptimalTemp technology which uses just one temperature setting for all types of fabric, whether it’s heavy denim or fine silk. The system is so perfectly dialled that you can safely leave the iron unit face down on the ironing board without having to use the main unit’s cradle. Needless to say, the iron will automatically shut down after a period of inactivity.


If you’re keen on trying a steam generator but don’t want to blow a wad, then this pucker pink model is the one for you.