Pure Evoke H3 DAB radio

Pure is one of the most trustworthy brands in DABland and this stylish, easy-to-use table-top model is a case in point. Available in light-coloured oak and dark walnut, the Evoke H3 is a doddle to set up – just switch on then hit the power button again to scan all available DAB stations. It comes with four main presets accessed via a row of buttons and a further 16 presets hidden within a sub-menu. Setting the main four presets is no problem – just hold a specific preset button and the station currently tuned is instantly saved. However, it’s far less straightforward when it comes to setting the remaining 16 presets – the manual comes in handy here.


Sound quality is surprisingly good given the size of the product (it’s just 18.6cm tall by 11.5cm wide). In most instances it delivers a warm, rich sound that’s easy on the ear though channels that use extra compression can sound a bit harsh – a common anomaly with DAB radios. The FM setting fares better sound-wise since there’s far less compression involved – frankly, analogue FM sound wins over DAB in most cases. However, you don’t get all the station info with FM like station name and the song title playing. There is an option to use this model with a battery but you’ll need to fork out another £30 for the privilege of full portability. This radio also comes with Bluetooth connectivity: simply sync your phone or tablet to the unit and play your favourite tracks through the radio’s speaker.


From an aesthetics point of view, the Evoke H3 is a handsome little thing that looks classy in any location. The 4.2-inch TFT display is crisp and clear with nicely defined text that is easily readable in bright light. All in all we’re very impressed with it. We love the way it looks, the sound it emits and its overall user friendliness. It’s very reasonably priced, too.

£130, pure.com/uk