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The Remington is uses a Micro USB charging system and one cannot over emphasise the importance of having such a feature. It means you can not only charge this unit using the supplied UK three-pin mains plug, but you can also charge it from any portable USB power pack or any computer. Given that a beard trimmer is something you will almost certainly take on holiday, a week away with the family or a business trip, having a trimmer that can be charged so readily and so easily is a major bonus. And even if you forget to take the USB cable with you, chances are someone will have one knocking about.


The superbly designed Remington ticks all the right boxes. Along with the aforementioned charging function, it comes equipped with a three-speed motor, self-sharpening blades and a wonderfully tactile motorised clipper height adjuster with an exceptional range of 175 trim lengths from 0.4mm to 18mm. Each quick tap of the touch-sensitive button moves the comb up or down 0.1 millimeter at a time. This means it only needs a single clip-on comb and no extra bits you’ll likely lose.


Our formally bearded tester reports that the Remington felt exceptionally comfortable in the hand and produced a perfectly smooth trim with no snagging whatsoever. It was also one of the best at dealing with hair up to the recommended 18mm max. The only issue he found was that some shaved stubble got caught under the removable comb which looks unsightly against the unit’s white body. The comb itself is also thin and brittle and the three-way on/off switch is a bit fiddly.


Despite these minor anomalies, this model wins top spot for design, versatility, ease of use, efficiency and the best charging system of all. It even comes with a small nylon pouch. Highly recommended.


Remington Touch Control Lithium (MB4560)