Riva Turbo X

This excellent Bluetooth speaker turned out to be heavier (1.36kgs) and larger than expected so it’s not something you’d pack in your hand luggage for a weekend city break. However, it’s certainly worth taking on a long haul trip, as long as you don’t mind it going into the hold with your main baggage. It goes without saying that the Riva Turbo X is especially well suited to home use, whether placed on a tabletop or sat on the grass in the garden while you absorb a couple of days of summer sun on a single charge of its ample battery. In fact, this speaker's battery has so much capacity it'll even charge your USB devices.


Although still quite large (it measures 230mm x 89mm x 105mm), the Turbo X punches way about its weight. Its top end is exquisitely hi-fi like and there’s oodles of bass coming from its three ADX 60mm proprietary drivers and four ADX custom dual-piston bass radiators. In fact this hugely powerful 45-watt speaker pumps out more bottom end than anything else on this page so consider it if you like your music loud and beefy. And by loud we mean LOUD! If you're after a premium portable speaker for home or occasional travel use then this superb model is undeniably your best bet.

£259, rivaaudio.co.uk