Ruark MR1 MK2
Ruark MR1 Mk2

Ruark produces some of the best small speaker and audio systems on the market and these two Bluetooth belters are a case in point. Measuring just 170mm tall and 130mm wide and clad in walnut veneer, the award-winning MR1 Mk2s can be positioned practically anywhere and used using Bluetooth or a wired connection (optical or line-in audio cable). Set up is a synch: simply connect the two speakers together with the supplied cable and place them anywhere within your computer, phone or tablet’s Bluetooth range – and near a mains outlet, obviously. And that’s it.


We tried them with both Spotify and Tidal – and the final mix of Red Box’s latest album ‘Chase the Setting Sun’ – and they literally sang. Their frequencies are more dialled towards the midrange so they’re really punchy and tight, especially with vocals and acoustic guitars. Despite the lack of a subwoofer (you can easily connect one up if required), their 75mm bass drivers produced just enough bottom end clout to underpin the substantial soundstage.


If you’re fed up with the crappy sound coming out of your computer speakers or your existing desktop speaker system has passed its prime or you just want a damn good set of micro speakers, you need a pair of these absolutely fabulous fellas, me hearties.