Ryze Tello

Aside from being the very best drone for indoor flying, the Tello is also a brilliant learning tool, since it can be programmed by the user to perform various movements using the Tello Edu mobile programming app (iOS and Android). This is a groundbreaking feature for youngsters who wish to learn the art of programming and robotics in an entertaining and educational way. The programming interface is very easy to get a handle on and basically involves dragging colour-coded blocks (‘take off’, ‘up’, forward’, ‘right’ etc) into a specific arrangement.


Not surprisingly, the Tello’s amazing flight characteristics and raft of features are mostly as a result of the DJI components it’s fitted with. The Tello weighs just 80g and fits in the palm of the hand. To fly it, simply download the Tello app, connect the drone and use the virtual joystick controls. It’s vision positioning system is so well designed that you could take it off, go and make a cup of tea and when you get back it’ll still be in the same position.


The Tello can also be launched by throwing it into the air and even perform a circus of aerial tricks. But what really makes this little drone such an unequivocal hit is that it comes with an excellent 720p/5mp camera that streams digitally stabilised footage straight to a smartphone. The quality of the footage and photos it produces is exceptional for a drone of this size and perfectly acceptable for casual holiday use. Moreover, it even comes with a trio of handy pre-programmed EZ Shots (Circle, 360, Up & Away) for quick, fuss-free footage.


It’s hard to believe that so much tech could be crammed into a drone with such diminutive dimensions – and all for a shade under £100. Exceptional value.

£84, Currys