Shure WH20 Dynamic Headset Microphone

The Shure SM58 has been the live microphone of choice for a myriad bands since time immemorial. It’s built like a brick outhouse and delivers impeccable tone for the money. But sometimes a mic on a stand can be a hindrance and that’s where a good-quality headset mic can make all the difference. One like Shure’s excellent WH20.


This dynamic microphone is absolutely perfect for singing drummers because it does away with having a mic stand to the side of the kit which can often get in the way of the kit’s hi-hat, snare and cymbal stands. Moreover, it means the drummer can move his or her head around while singing and moving round the kit. The WH20 is also great for buskers since they can do their performance thing without having to stand in one spot. And, of course, a mic like this is also de rigour for hands-free voice presentations and conferences where the protagonist is walking the stage.


This model is available with three different connections – XLR, QTR or TQG. We opted for the XLR version simply because it’s the most common connector. The lead from the headset is plenty long enough to clip to a pair of trousers and at no time did it snag on anything.


The WH20 fits very comfortably around the back of the head though you should be mindful that a) it makes you feel like a telemarketing assistant and b) the mic will pick up rustles if you handle it. You should also avoid coughing or making grunting noises while playing because it’s all picked up. From a drumming point of view, the mic is highly directional so there’s very little evidence of ambient noise from the drums seeping into the front-of-house PA – and that’s a brilliant thing.


The mic’s sound reproduction is first class, with crisp highs and rich lows – and all with zero feedback. In fact, it sounded better than the SM58s our band’s main singers use. So, if you’re on a tight budget and require a great-quality microphone headset system that cuts the mustard, then you could do a lot worse than give this brilliant model a whirl. And if you’re looking for a top-flight website to buy it from, look no further that the excellent Gear4Music, a favourite online haunt of ours.