New Phantom 2 Vision+ announced

Wait! Hold that purchase of a DJI Phantom 2 Vision and put your money on its newly-announced successor, the Phantom 2 Vision+. What’s the difference? Well, quite a lot. The most visible change is a newly designed camera module and three-axis gimbal. The camera itself is much the same as the current model only in a completely different housing. But it’s the gimbal that we’re most interested in.


As any current Phantom 2 Vision owner will know, you can get amazing footage out of the outgoing Vision but only if the drone’s moving very slowly, up high and with no wind about. With the current model, when you fly sideways, filming a runner for instance, the picture’s angle tilts. The new gimbal, on the other hand, compensates for any movement of the drone in any direction. No matter what you’re doing or how ever strong the wind, the camera will remain stock solid and level. The gimbal’s third axis irons out dodgy pans which is simply a bonus.


Other improvements include a 50% increase in speed (woah, steady fella) and a new wi-fi module with a vastly improved reach of 700 metres – that’s f-a-r. The new software also lets you know if you’re near any no fly zones like military bases, airports and sensitive locations. The price for the whole shebang, including controller, is €999. Better start saving.

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New Phantom 2 Vision+ announced

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