Sony’s new smartphone snapper

If ever you needed confirmation that the most popular camera on the market is indeed your smart phone, here’s a gizmo that unequivocally proves it. Developed by Sony, the QX10 is a stand-alone camera that looks like a telephoto lens. But when you attach it to your Android smart phone via NFC or wi-fi or your iPhone via wi-fi, the phone’s screen becomes the lens’s monitoring system. The QX10 comes fitted with an 18 megapixel sensor, a rechargeable battery and a slot for a microSD card. Its optics aren’t too shabby either: 10x optical zoom (a DSLR equivalent of 25mm to 250mm) and a decent aperture range of f3.3 to f5.9.


The QX10 looks very easy to use, too. Attach the supplied cradle to the front of the phone, fit the lens, set up your phone’s wi-fi or NFC, open Sony’s PlayMemories app and start shooting. The lens saves a full-size file to both its microSD card and the phone so that it can easily be shared. Device Squad hasn't tested the QX10 yet so we can’t vouch for the speed of connection between the lens and the phone (both NFC and especially wi-fi are dogged by inherent latency). But if it works quickly and efficiently, this could well be the opening of a whole new category of camera.

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