The future’s looking bright and bendy

You’re looking at the future of not just mobile phones but also tablets, magazines, newspapers and televisions. And once again it’s a South Korean corporation that’s leading the way. LG’s new bendy Z phone won’t be made in large numbers – and it’ll only be on sale in South Korea – but it illustrates just how close we are to flexible electronics becoming part of everyday life. And it’s all thanks to OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology.


According to tech site ZDNet Korea, LG's Z phone isn’t especially pliable – bendy batteries and circuit boards are still in development – but it’s a stunning opening salvo. We have no idea how this fancy tech works but we do know that flexible OLED displays don’t need backlighting and they can already support high definition images. They’re also extremely tough, which is a good thing for anyone who’s dropped their iPhone onto stony ground. Apply this same technology to the written word and you can be sure that sometime soon we’ll all be reading newspapers and magazines on super-slim, lightweight flexible devices that are almost indestructible. Blimey.

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