Sony RX10 IV
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Let’s cut to the chase… Sony’s latest addition to its mighty excellent RX10 series is the best do-it-all camera in the world right now. Good enough, in fact, to consider trading in your DSLR for.


We’ve all been there – a distant subject that’s too far away for the average lens to capture in detail. You could try walking towards the subject or you could just whip out your new RX10 IV, zoom in and capture it in crisp, screen-filling detail. That’s the RX10 IV in a nutshell. With this camera you have every conceivable photo opportunity covered, from 24mm to, wait for it, 600mm of zoomy wonderfulness.


This writer had both Canon and Nikon consumer DSLRs and while I had been happy with them, I was always faced with a conundrum: which lens or lenses should I take? And will I be able to change lenses in the field without getting dust on the sensor? And while setting it all up, will I miss the shot? Those days are gone for me. I now use the RX10 IV for everything. Its one-inch stacked CMOS sensor is smaller than my old APS-C-sized DSLRs but it still delivers incredible shots with fantastic sharpness and detail – all the way from its 24mm wide setting to its 600mm optical limit.


If I want to reach further, I can select Sony’s Clear Zoom feature and get in closer at the expense of surprisingly little loss in quality. And if I still can’t get close enough, I can whack on the full digital zoom, not be fussed about the drop in quality, and reach an astounding 1,200mm. The addition of an incredible OLED viewfinder can be considered a major plus. It’s an expensive camera, mind. It’s pretty darn heavy, too, though no weightier than my old Nikon D5200. But it’s worth every penny.


The RX10 IV’s video quality is equally astounding. How does 4K and slow-mo at up to nearly 1,000 frames per second grab you? In fact, this has to be one of the best performing video cameras around – the shots it produces have great sharpness, depth and tone. It’s also a relatively easy camera to get a handle on, especially if you’re used to the Sony interface.


I have absolutely no criticisms of the RX10 IV. It delivers shots so ravishingly crisp and video so incredibly sharp I don’t miss my DSLRs at all. Despite the ultra high price, the Sony RX10 IV has Best Buy stamped all over it.