Tile Pro

If you’re the type of person who is always misplacing keys or are simply looking for a tracker to help keep tab on your valuables, then step right this way because this carbon-fibre coloured Bluetooth tracker is a little marvel. Simply attach it to your keys, handbag or anything else of value and when any of them go walkies, open the accompanying Tile app (Android and iOS) and tap the ‘find’ button. A signal is sent to the missing Tile and an electronic tune is emitted. Now just follow the sound. It also works in reverse so if, for instance, you’ve misplaced your phone, tap the button on the Tile and the phone will start playing a tune.


The Tile system works up to a range of 90 metres/300ft and is essentially designed for close vicinity use like around the home or anywhere you’re able to retrace your steps. However, if your item is beyond Bluetooth range, Tile’s huge online community can also be alerted to the fact, and when or if your item is located (automatically by another user’s phone when the app is open or running in the background), you receive a message that tells you it’s been found, replete with a map of its location. Unlike earlier versions that were fitted with built-in batteries that couldn’t be replaced, the Pro uses a replaceable CR2032 that lasts about a year with average use. A very cool and undeniably useful tool that makes life just that little bit easier.

£30, thetileapp.com