Uuni 2S Pizza Oven

We’ve tried Weber’s stone-on-the-barbie method of cooking an outdoor pizza but the MasterTouch model we used never really got beyond 300˚C. Look at any professional pizza oven and you’ll see the temperature dial at around 450˚C. Well this Kickstarter-funded, stainless steel, wood-fired pizza oven reaches an internal temperature of 500˚C and that means proper pizza every time, replete with crispy base, puffy, blackened edges and bubbling cheese. And all in just 90 seconds.


After a brief assembly session, simply load the hopper with Uuni’s compressed wood pellets (£18.50 for 10kgs), light ’em, up and wait ten minutes. Then slap in a pizza using the supplied pizza peel. There is strictly no time for natter here as you’ll need to watch the clock and turn the pizza midway or you will likely end up with something resembling a cast-iron drain cover. But that’s the case when doing any pizza the proper way. Watch the pros and when they’re not dressing a base or loading a pizza they’re turning them at least once during the short cooking process. The Uuni is easy to assemble and fuss free to use. Rather handily, it also comes with a peel – a flat metal sheet for getting the pizza in and out of the oven. Now all you need is a good pizza base recipe. Solid buy.

£199, uk.uuni.net

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