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This elegant military-spec, titanium-clad USB car charger is a game changer. It charges at twice the speed of other models (max 4.8A) and will even handle two iPads at once. Indeed, it automatically detects the type of device being charged and accordingly selects the maximum amperage output so it’s charged at full pelt. Its two USB ports even have a pair of bright LED lamps within to guide the way. But that’s just the half of it because there’s an app available that helps turn the Zus into a smart tracking device. Have you ever lost your car in a supermarket car park? Who hasn’t. Well, launch the Zus app (Android and iOS) before you leave the car and it’ll remember where you parked it, even if there’s no mobile phone signal. The app will also show the status of the car's main battery. Forget about those cheapo car chargers and grab yourself one of these. You won’t regret it.

£30, mobilefun.co.uk

Zus Car Charger